Eye Care of Virginia, with offices for vision care in King George and Culpeper, provides extraordinary eye care for the entire family. As your choice King George and Culpeper eye doctor, Dr. Miles Press is a qualified optometrist with stellar credentials who will provide the very best in diagnosis and treatment of ocular conditions.

At Eye Care Of Virginia, we value your time. In an effort to save you time in our office, you can download and complete our “New Patient Health History Form” prior to your appointment.

Fill Out Your Form Prior to Your Appointment

Dr. Press will examine your ocular history prior to conducting a complete eye exam. This includes a check of near and distance visual acuity and checks of color vision and depth perception.

The exam also includes a slit lamp exam to check the health of the front and inner eye and a dilated exam of the retina (back part of the eye which connects to the brain). If contact lenses are indicated, Dr. Press has an amazing collection of over 10,000 contact lens trial lenses to find the very best fit for each patient. It’s important to accurately and thoroughly fill out your patient form so that Dr. Press can cater specifically to your optical needs.

Inform Your Optometrist of any Known Eye Conditions

Dr. Press diagnoses and treats many eye conditions. These include dry eye syndrome, computer vision syndrome, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinal disease. The team at Eye Care of Virginia is committed to bringing you the best optical care.

Bring Your New Patient Health History Form to Your Appointment with Dr. Press, Your Choice Optometrist in King George and Culpeper

Whether your need is for new glasses or for a contact lens fitting, or for the diagnosis and treatment of a serious eye disease, the teams at Eye Care of Virginia provide the very best in eye care in Culpeper and King George. Call one of their offices today to schedule an appointment!

Download & Print Form

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