Keeping Eyes Healthy With a Contact Lens Exam in Culpeper Virginia & King George

When you visit Optometrist Dr. Miles Press in Culpeper & King George, VA, you want to make sure that you get the right exam based on your goals for your vision. Wearing contact lenses means that your eyes need an exam to check the size and ensure that you have an appropriate prescription.

What is a Contact Lens Exam?

A Culpeper or King George contact lens exam refers to a process of checking your eyes when you wear contacts or plan to wear contacts in the future. While the exam has many similarities to a normal vision exam, it also has key differences that make it an important part of ensuring that your lenses are comfortable and will not cause irritation over time.

Factors associated with the exam include:

  • A vision test to determine your prescription
  • Basic tests for glaucoma or other eye health concerns
  • Sizing and eye evaluations

How it Differs from Vision Exams

Although a contact lens exam checks your vision and provides an appropriate prescription, it is not a basic vision test. The test goes further than the test required for glasses because your Culpeper & King George optometrist Dr. Press must measure the size of your pupil, the curve of the cornea and the size of the iris. We also ask several questions about your eyes, such as if you have dry eyes or take medications that can result in dry eyes.

During the exam, you will also have questions related to your lifestyle. Since your lifestyle impacts the lenses that are most appropriate for your situation, we ask questions to ensure that it will not cause problems when playing a sport, spending hours on a long flight or engaging in other activities.

Comprehensive Eye Exams For Healthy Eyes

As a general rule, we recommend that you get a contact lens exam at least once per year to ensure that the lenses remain comfortable and continue to fit your eyes. We also check on your vision and make appropriate changes to your prescription so that your lenses correct your vision according to your specific needs.

Your eyes change over time and you need to maintain the health of your eyes with regular exams and appropriate alterations to your situation. We always make sure that your lenses fit your eyes and help with your vision concerns, so you can feel confident that the lenses will not cause irritation or problems.

Contact lenses are a tool that helps correct your vision, but the appropriate lenses and prescription change over time. By getting a regular exam, we protect your eyes and catch potential problems early. To learn more about the exam process, contact us at (540) 825-3937 for an appointment today with our Culpeper & King George Optometrist Dr. Miles Press.