While everyone wants good eye health and optimal vision, those who play sports or engage in fitness activities have specialized visual needs. Up to 80 percent of sports performance requires good vision. Without it, it’s hard to be a winning athlete. Poor vision can also lead to increased risk of injury.

Some of the most important components of effective sports vision include:

Visual Tracking. The ability to follow moving objects accurately and fluidly is crucial to sports that require catching or hitting a ball, moving target or another object.

Visual Acuity. Acuity refers to clarity and sharpness and the ability to react appropriately to cues.

Hand-Eye Coordination (or Eye-Foot Coordination)

Depth Perception. Judging distances appropriately as objects move is also key to sports performance.

Visual Reaction. Vision, as it relates to reflexes, is also important.

Peripheral Vision. Side vision is crucial to detect opponents, teammates and moving items and take effective action.

When it comes to vision correction, in most cases, contact lenses are the best option for athletes and active persons. Prescription contact lenses eliminate the risk of glasses falling off, being knocked off or broken during the game or competition. Glasses can also be a distraction both on the playing field and during workouts.

Other benefits of contact lenses versus glasses include:

Better Sports Vision
Contact lenses cover a bigger, more complete portion of the visual field than glasses. This allows for increased overall clarity as well as better peripheral vision.

Improved Agility
Sports that require fast, accurate movements also benefit from contact lenses versus glasses. There is little danger of contact lenses slipping in the way that glasses often do.

Better For High Contact Sports
Glasses can pose an injury risk to the person wearing them as well as other players in high contact games.

Safety and Convenience
Eye injury from broken glasses is immediately eliminated when wearing contact lenses. You may still choose to wear wraparound goggle and/or a helmet, but these will fit easily over your corrected eyes when wearing contact lenses.

Improved Speed and Fast Movements
Glasses can very easily slip off when you are making sudden movements as well as cause distortion if the head is turned rapidly. Contact lenses stay with you at every turn and with every burst of speed.

Comfortable and Distraction-Free
Glasses can cause a distraction if they become slippery from sweat or bumped during a match. Sports contact lenses are much more comfortable and distraction-free. You’ll likely forget you’re even wearing them and be better able to focus on your sport or activity.

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Sports vision contact lenses from your optometrist in Culpeper, VA are also available in a range of options to suit every vision type and preference. Whether you are farsighted, nearsighted or both, contact lenses can correct these vision issues. They are available for long-term wear or short-term disposables. There are also bifocal contacts and gas permeable to allow for the free flow of oxygen to the eyes and greater comfort.

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