Treating glaucoma at your Culpeper optometrist in Virginia will increase your quality of life. Want to learn more about glaucoma screening and treatment? Check out the services available at your Culpeper eye doctor at Eye Care of Virginia. We offer the best Culpeper eye exam available along with first rate service for glaucoma treatments.

What is Glaucoma and What Happens If I Have It?

Glaucoma is an eye disease that leads to increased pressure in the eye. Due to the disease, the connecting nerve from the eye to the brain becomes damaged. This causes individuals to lose their eyesight. In fact, did you know that glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness? Vision loss typically happens gradually, but you can treat glaucoma. Contact our office at Eye Care of Virginia Culpeper to schedule a Culpeper eye exam.

How Can My Culpeper Optometrist Treat Glaucoma?

In order for your Culpeper optometrist to treat glaucoma first, you must get glaucoma screening. After we go through the screening procedure here at Eye Care of Virginia, we will set you up for glaucoma treatment. Treatments for glaucoma vary. Some methods we may suggest for you include eye drops or oral medication, or laser or traditional surgery. Every case is different so we can’t determine a treatment without providing you with a glaucoma screening first. Thanks to our innovative and streamline glaucoma screening and treatment, we can do it all here at Eye Care of Virginia. We look forward to seeing you for your Culpeper eye care.

At What Age Should I Start Getting a Glaucoma Screening?

Certain backgrounds and ethnicities are more prone to getting glaucoma at a certain age. For patients who are African American, we suggest glaucoma screenings starting at age 40. For Mexican Americans, the screening age begins at 60. Other individuals who will want to consider early screening for glaucoma include those with risk facts. The most typical risk factors for glaucoma include abnormal optic nerve anatomy, high pressure in the eye, and a thin cornea. If you have these eye conditions give us a call at Eye Care of Virginia in Culpeper. As your Culpeper eye doctor, we will help you determine if you are at risk for glaucoma based on your age or other risk factors.

I Have Been Diagnosed With Glaucoma, So Now What?

The best way to handle glaucoma is through early detection and ongoing treatment. While glaucoma cannot be cured, with proper diagnosis and treatment you can slow down its progression. In order to get the best start on preventing glaucoma from causing you to go blind, get a glaucoma screening early on. Once you have been diagnosed with glaucoma you are on the right path toward saving your vision in the long term.

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