Types of Vision Therapy from Your Optometrist in Culpeper & King George

Eye Care of Virginia provides comprehensive treatment and care for your eye health and your vision. When you visit with your optometrist in Culpeper & King George, you will get the one-on-one support and care you need to fully understand what your vision is and what can be done to potentially improve it. The goal of vision therapy is to help you achieve the highest level of visual quality possible. We can do this through a number of treatment options.

Types of Visual Therapy Available to You

When you come in for an eye exam, one of the steps we will take is to work closely with you to understand the quality of your vision. Our goal is to give you the tools to see better. While corrective lenses can help improve your vision right now, in the long term, visual therapy can improve it further. The types of therapy we offer include the following:

Sports vision: In sports vision, we test your visual quality to determine factors such as depth perception and hand-eye coordination. Sports vision helps improve your athletic performance by improving the depth of your vision, the quality of your vision in low light, and much more.

Kids Vision: Children who have visual limitations can see improvement, in many cases, through kids vision therapy. This process uses various visual exercises to strengthen the muscles in the eye to improve vision. Our vision therapy exercises are done in the office and at home to achieve these goals.

Computer Vision: Those who spend any amount of time using screens can develop a sensitivity to them. With computer vision therapy, we work to restore this to help reduce eye fatigue and limited vision. It can help to protect your vision over the long term.

How Does Vision Therapy Improve Your Eyesight?

We use a range of vision therapy procedures to achieve these goals. Your optometrist will customize a treatment plan to address your needs. It may include:

  • Orthoptic vision therapy is one of the tools you’ll use. This is a series of vision therapy exercises that help to improve your binocular function, which means it helps your eyes to learn to work better to process information. This is the ideal treatment for younger children with focus disorders.
  • Behavioral vision therapy related to visual processing and perception therapy.
  • We offer visual processing and perception therapy that helps to improve how your brain process information.
  • Sensory learning is another therapy that works alongside other therapies to create better results. It uses other senses such as taste and smell to help improve visual integration
  • Syntonic phototherapy is also known as light therapy. We use light frequencies within the eyes to address dysfunctions there.

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