Treatment for Computer Vision Syndrome at Eye Care of Virginia

Many of us are required to spend many hours a day keeping our eyes glued to a computer monitor and/or mobile device screen. If this describes you, then you may be suffering from the telltale irritations and vision problems associated with computer vision syndrome, or CVS. the good news is that you don’t have to put up with this form of digital eye strain. Here at Eye Care of Virginia, we’re happy to provide relief for computer vision syndrome sufferers in King George and Culpeper.

Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is a natural product of overuse — the result of subjecting your eyes to abnormal strain in your efforts to view digital text or other information for extended periods of time. This habit affects your eyes in a few important ways. For one thing, the small focusing muscles that flex your lenses become fatigued, causing images or text to appear blurry. Your efforts to keep focusing may eventually result in headaches, neck pain, and other muscle strain symptoms beyond simple eye fatigue. Your eyes also blink less frequently than usual when viewing digital screens or monitors. This means your tear film isn’t being renewed consistently enough, leading to dry, irritated eyes. Even the blue LED light emanating from the screen can contribute to your eye fatigue — and it might even be a factor in the development of macular degeneration.

Diagnosis and Care From Our Experienced Optometrist

You probably can’t just walk away from your lifestyle, but you can take steps to ease your CVS symptoms with the aid of our experienced optometrist at Eye Care of Virginia. We can confirm a case of computer vision syndrome by evaluating your daily habits, symptoms, and eye function. Our eye doctor can then prescribe a number of possible treatment options. You may benefit from:

  • Soothing eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated as you work
  • Lens coatings or tints or reduce the amount of blue light entering your eyes
  • Advice on adjusting your distance from the screen, ambient lighting levels and/or screen brightness
  • Correction any refractive error or functional problem that be making your condition worse

The adoption of healthy computer viewing habits will not only help relieve your current symptoms; they may also prevent future bouts of CVS.

Looking for a CVS Eye Doctor in King George or Culpeper?

If you’re tired of battling the discomfort and fatigue of computer vision syndrome, then you need our skilled CVS eye doctor. Call our King George or Culpeper office today, and let’s take the strain out of your digital lifestyle!