Eye Care of Virginia Eye Offers Premier Sports Vision Therapy to Enhance Athletic Performance

While everyone aspires to have good vision, athletes and active people have specific visual needs. An estimated 80% of sports performance hinges upon visual ability. Fortunately, there is now a range of techniques and exercises tailored to help improve sports vision.

Eye Doctor in Culpepper & King George Assists Athletes in Optimizing Performance

Far beyond just a traditional eye exam or eye care, your eye doctor in Culpepper & King George Eye Care of Virginia offers a full suite of services to athletes looking to perform at the top of their game. One of the foundational elements of sports vision therapy is sports vision and sensory motor testing.

Sports vision testing involves a series of processes and techniques to train the eyes to work in better cooperation and collaboration with the body. Many major league athletes use sports vision therapy to improve and enhance their performance.

The areas assisted by sports vision therapy include:

Hand-Eye Coordination – The importance of this ability is clear for those who play a sport. In some cases, eye-foot coordination is also essential.

Visual Tracking – This refers to the ability to follow moving objects smoothly, fluidly and accurately.

Depth Perception – The ability to judge distances in relation to moving objects is also important to sports performance.

Visual Acuity – This refers to the clarity of vision, the ability to pick up on visual cues and act accordingly.

Visual Reaction Time – The connection of vision to key reflexes is also crucial to optimal sports performance. Sports vision therapy can assist with sharpening reaction time to a remarkable degree.

Peripheral Vision – Seeing from side to side is important for ideal sports performance in order to see opponents, teammates, and opportunities in the game.

Visualization. The ability to imagine a successful performance and result is also crucial to sports performance, and sports vision therapy can help. Visualization is important to both long-term goals and success on the field in every moment.

A range of state-of-the-art testing procedures are used to optimize vision in all of these areas. Some of the eye care and eye exam tests used by our optometrist in King George include:

  • Pursuits
  • Tachistoscope
  • Saccades

Cutting Edge Technology to Elevate Your Game

Our eye doctor in Culpepper Eye Care of Virginia also offers an exclusive form of testing for muscle capabilities using their very own Eye Performance app. It was created by Florida optometrist Dr. Lampert for his clients including the Minnesota Twins and other sports celebrities. It is currently only available for iPhones at this time. Additional treatments and therapies for athletes and active persons may be subscribed specialized eyewear and contact lenses as needed.

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Our optometrist in Culpepper & King George is pleased to be able to make sports vision therapy available to active clients in the area. Our optometrist can also provide a specialized eye exam and other eye care catering to the specialized needs of the athlete.

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