Pink Eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a medical condition that requires intervention from an optometrist for fast and effective treatment. If you suspect you are dealing with pink eye, and you live in the Culpeper or King George area, call Eye Care of Virginia to have a Vision assessment done by our optometrist. Here is some information about this type of eye problem to read over and how our practice can help if you are suffering from symptoms from this condition.

Signs You May Have Pink Eye

Pink eye is usually recognizable because the eyes tend to be pink or reddish in appearance if this condition is present. In addition, itchiness is usually paired with the color change of the eyes. Your eyes will likely have a discharge and it may turn crusty and harden to your lashes as you slumber, making it necessary to remove it with a warm, wet washcloth upon awakening. You may find that bright lights or sunlight cause you discomfort, making it necessary to use sunglasses or remain in unlit areas to find relief.

How To Avoid Contracting This Condition

Since pink eye is extremely contagious, it is important to take some proactive steps to try to avoid contracting it if you have heard others have this ailment. Make sure not to share contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses, or any other item that could potentially touch your eyes or the area around them. Wash your hands frequently to remove any bacteria from your skin. This is especially important if you go out into a public location, as germ can be transferred to doorknobs, light switches, and other shared surfaces.

Treatment Options Available

Pink eye requires help from a doctor to ensure it is properly diagnosed and treated. Since pink eye is contracted as a result of allergic reactions or bacterial infections, it is important to have your specific case evaluated to determine what type of medication to use and precautions to take to avoid spreading the condition to others. It is best to treat both of your eyes with prescription drops if you suffer from pink eye. Since the symptoms might not show for a few days after exposure, if you have pink eye in one eye, it could easily spread to the other. Treating the condition before the transferal is best to shorten the duration of your healing time.

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