Foreign Object Removal at Eye Care Of Virginia in King George and Culpeper

When your eye is hosting something that doesn’t belong in it, you may experience everything from annoying vision problems to agonizing pain and a sense of sheer panic. Foreign objects can vary greatly in their nature and severity, but they need to be removed swiftly and carefully to prevent potential damage to the eye. But you’ll be relieved to know that you can receive prompt, professional care to remove that foreign object here at Eye Care Of Virginia in King George and Culpeper.

What’s in Your Eye and What Can It Do to You?

Just about everyone has experienced the irritation of foreign object in an eye at some point or other. Dust or other tiny particles can be driven into your eye by a gust of wind. Small crumbs of dried mucous may migrate from the corner of the eye into the eye itself. More seriously, industrial environments and workplace accidents can send wood shavings, bits of metal, and shards of glass, corrosive chemicals, and other damaging objects into your eye. Symptoms of a foreign object include eye/eyelid pain, itching or pressure; the sensation may be worse when you blink. Redness, watering, sensitivity to light, and visual distortion may also occur. If the object actually embeds itself in the eye, you may even experience bleeding.

Trust Our Optometrist in King George and Culpeper

As urgently as you may want to get that foreign object out of your eye, fishing around for it yourself can do more harm than good. If the object is sharp or abrasive, it may create corneal scratches or other kinds of injuries, which in turn may damage your vision and/or open a door to infection. If the foreign object is just a random particle, your tear glands may succeed in washing it out within an hour or two. But if nature doesn’t take its course, you’ll want to come visit our optometrist in King George and Culpeper. If the object was obviously a harmful one and you’re in severe pain, don’t bother waiting — treat it as an emergency.

You’ll be glad you brought your ailing eye to our clinic. Our eye doctor in Culpeper and King George, Dr. Press, can perform an eye exam to pinpoint the troublesome object, determine its nature, and evaluate the extent of any damage it may have caused. Wiping or irrigating the eye with water will retrieve many foreign objects easily and safely; more stubborn objects may need to be removed with special instruments (aided by numbing eye drops). If the damage is extensive or the object is deep in the eye, we may refer you to an eye surgeon for additional treatment.

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When something’s in your eye, we’re ready to help. Visit our eye doctor in Culpeper and King George for an eye exam and soothing relief!