Our Culpeper & King George Optometrist Explains the Difference Between Contact Lens Styles

Air Optics® Colors- these lenses deliver five times the oxygen to the eye’s cornea. They are the first hydrogel colored lens in the world. The exceptional design locks the colors into the lens material rather than printing color onto the lens surface. This allows patients to wear each set of lens for up to 30 days without anything interfering with Optix Colors® patented moisture delivery system.

Acuvue Contact lenses- can correct several sight problems, like Astigmatism. According to the American Optometrist Association, this condition is very common. An irregular shaped cornea or lens will prevent the light from focusing with pinpoint accuracy on the back of the retina. Instead, the light is focused on two or more points at the light sensitive retina. This is called refracted light and causes blurred vision. Dr. Press will prescribe soft, gas permeable Toric lenses to correct astigmatism.

Dallies Contact Lenses are appropriate for many eye conditions accompanied with sensitive eyes. This design provides a dosage of eye moisturizer with every blink, continuously refreshing the eye for an entire day. That’s right you get a new set of contact lenses for each day. This make Dallies lenses very easy to care for. Insert them in the morning, take them out each night and just throw the old ones away.